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Anmol Chemicals is a several decades old manufacturing company. It is the pioneer manufacturers of Benzyl Salicylate, Pharmaceutical Excipients Fragrance & Flavor chemicals in India. It has several manufacturing facilities spread across India. The group has toll manufacturers and representatives in UAE, Europe & USA. All the Information on Physics, Chemistry, Applications, Uses and Technology of Manufacture is in these pages.

The units have one or more of the certifications like FDA GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP, REACH, Kosher & Halal

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Benzyl Salicylate Manufacturers

Arabic البنزيل ساليسيلات مصنعين
Italian Benzil salicilato produttori
German Benzyl Salicylate Hersteller
Dutch Benzyl Salicylate fabrikanten
French Fabricants de Salicylate de benzyle
Spanish Fabricantes de salicilato de bencilo
Portuguese Fabricantes de salicilato de benzila

Benzyl Salicylate
CAS Number 118-58-1, EC Code EINECS 204-262-9, FEMA 2151
Molecular Weight 228.25, Molecular Formula C14H12O3, Benzyl Ortho-Hydroxybenzoate

Benzyl Salicylate

CAS number: 118-58-1
Molecular formula: C14H12O3
Molar mass: 228.25 g/mol
Appearance: Colorless liquid

Benzyl salicylate is a salicylic acid benzyl ester, a chemical compound most frequently used in cosmetics. It appears as an almost colourless liquid and is rather faint or odorless in nature.

It is used as a solvent for "Synthetic musk & as a Fixative in Floral compositions such as Jasmine, Lilac, Lily etc."

BENZYL SALICYLATE has reported use in the following product types: hair color and bleaching; fragrance for women ; facial moisturizer/treatment; moisturizer; styling gel/lotion ; conditioner; lip gloss; body spray; anti-aging; shampoo.

Benzyl salicylate, also called benzyl 2-hydroxybenzoate, is an almost colorless liquid that comes with a mild balsamic floral scent. This is the reason why you may find this chemical in many soaps, shampoos and fabric softeners. In addition to this, it is a naturally occurring constituent of some type of essential oils like ylang ylang and Cananga oils.

In addition to being used in perfumes, this aromatic chemical is also used in many other products. Some of these products are as follows:

UV light absorber
Hair dyes
Bubble bath Cleanser
Aroma Chemicals in Candles

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Benzyl Salicylate manufacturers:

Anmol Chemicals
TEL: (OFFICE) 91-22-23770100, 23726950, 23774610, 23723564. FAX: 91-22-23728264


Anmol Chemicals

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Amyl Salicylate Isoamyl      
Benzyl Acetate Benzyl Alcohol Benzyl Benzoate Benzyl Butyrate
Benzyl Formate Benzyl Isobutyrate Benzyl Propionate Benzyl Salicylate
Benzyl Acetone; Benzylacetone  
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Phenyl Ethyl Propionate Phenyl Ethyl Phenyl Acetate  
Styrallyl Propionate Styrallyl Acetate Styrallyl Alcohol  
Nerolin Bromelia Skatole; 3-methylindole    
All Chemicals Also Offered in Small Packs by our Service Division

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